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About Us

At Our Perfect Skin, we specialise in the art of Micro-pigmentation.

We use a premium brand, German manufactured, industry leading, semi-permanent makeup (SPMU) equipment in order to give our clients the best results.

Our Perfect Skin was set up by Luisa St John, a highly respected and sought after permanent makeup artist thanks to her exceptional work in the beauty industry and her general care of each patient.

If you’re seeking a talented, caring, and knowledgeable practitioner for your beauty needs, then look no further than Luisa St John.

She has been in the forefront of the UK’s Television industry for over 10 years, and has honed her skills as a permanent makeup artist. She understands the importance of effortless beauty.

Her client list includes VIP celebrities who only trust her to take care of their high profile beauty needs. Her sterling reputation amongst clients of all backgrounds instills confidence in her work and gives new clients a reason to say ‘yes’ to her services.

Healthy skin woman face looking camera
Portrait of beautiful young African American woman with afro and glamour makeup. Studio shot. Yellow fashionable dress.

Luisa’s skills include expert precision as a permanent makeup specialist, administration of complex anti-aging treatments. From eyebrows, eyeliner, lip enhancements and beyond, Luisa will highlight your natural features and repair any problem areas with ease.
Her specialised skills include helping clients who have alopecia or those suffering from skin problems after receiving treatment for chemotherapy. Luisa’s professional, yet compassionate approach to her services provides her clients with the peace of mind and trust they are looking for, especially when receiving permanent beauty treatments.

Luisa’s personal philosophy is to bring a more natural approach to makeup. She believes that permanent cosmetics should be a subtle enhancement where no one else should be able to tell that you have had anything done, while looking effortlessly beautiful at all times.

Once a treatment is administered, Luisa follows up with her clients and ensures that the procedure was everything they wanted. She also instructs them in how best to take care of their skin so as to enjoy lasting results. Her commitment to each client she serves sets her services and her treatments apart from many others, and her dedication to enhancing her own personal skills guarantees that her services are always the top of the line.


When you make an appointment with Luisa, she will discuss every aspect of your procedure and guide you through it with compassion. Your beauty and skin care needs are her primary concern, and her attention to detail guarantees your overall appearance will be greatly enhanced by her treatments.

Luisa’s personal artistry and ability to understand precisely what you need will give you confidence.

Luisa is dedicated to providing high quality, professional and natural looking treatments for each of her clients, and warmly invites you to contact her clinic to book your initial consultation. Please get in touch today to experience a more beautiful you tomorrow.